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Parking Business Transformation in Indonesia

Pandu Sjahrir and Budi Karya, Minister of Transportation

Pandu – This week, we met Minister of Transportation, Mr. @budikaryas to discussed Indonesia’s transition to net zero-emission in various business aspects including the CentrePark parking business. CentrePark has managed more than 410 parking points in 45 cities throughout Indonesia.

We are glad to take part in to support the government’s program related to2 climate change policies through a commitment to an environmentally friendly development build plan.

Under Presiden Director CentrePark Group, @charles.oentomo, who is also my best friend, CentrePark continues to focus on accelerating digital transformation in its business and supporting the use of electric-powered vehicles in its parking area.

Hopefully, with its vision, CentrePark will be able to inspire another business actor to participate in developing an Environmentally-Friendly Urban Plan.

We are glad to take part in supporting the government’s climate change policies.”