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The Launch And Discussion Of “luhut” Book

Published: Oktober 7, 2022

Last year, my mother, Nurmala Kartini Sjahrir, shared her idea to make a book for my uncle, @luhut.pandjaitan. An idea that I certainly support and also appreciate for.

A year later, the idea was published into an extraordinary biographical book because it was done with heart. A book that tells a lot about Mr. Luhut’s career as a soldier, ambassador, minister, statesman, and most importantly as a father, husband, and also an uncle for me personally.

This book also has many humorous stories that are rarely known to the public. As well as various life messages that he often conveys about the importance of working with the heart and to continue to share with others, especially for our beloved country.

I have framed various congratulations from his colleagues in the government and friends for the launch of this book into a beautiful video as a memory of uncle’s dedication to his family and country.

Congratulations on the launching of your biography book, uncle. Hopefully, uncle can continue to be an inspiration to all of us.