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The Importance of Technology

Pandu Sjahrir
Published: November 24, 2022
Founding Partner AC Ventures Pandu Sjahrir

Technology will always play an important role in our lives. As I’ve said repeatedly, the next ten years will be the golden age of Indonesia’s digital economy. This is largely what I conveyed at AC Ventures’ Annual General Meeting on Friday, November 18 as part of our larger theme, “Upside Unlocked: Harnessing Tech for Mega Returns in Indonesia.”

In today’s rapidly changing macroeconomic landscape, tech entrepreneurs need to develop business models that can truly help the wider community while simultaneously generating real profits. They cannot just burn money and hope for the best. For this reason and others, sound governance in venture is paramount.

I had wonderful conversations with prominent founders who attended, including an on-stage fireside chat with Carsome’s Group President & CFO Juliet Zhu.