Renewable Energy Prospect

Renewable Energy Prospect with Pandu Sjahrir

PanduLast Sunday (Oct, 11th), Agus Sari invited me to talk about the development of the energy industry in Indonesia with postgraduate friends from the ITB’s School of Business and Management. It’s always exciting to share about the ongoing energy transition which is replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, a clean energy future.

We need to realize that we are blessed with our natural wealth. And I think we should be grateful and be able to do the best we can do, in order to explore what we have.

As an economic actor in this sector, I said that we need the change and innovation for our industry. We have to acknowledge that the consumer demand on renewable energy has been rising recently, more people now put attention on sustainable energy and its benefits for the future.

Moreover, we have a potential opportunity to become the main role of the electric vehicle industry, a potential geotherm, etc.

But the question is, are we ready and willing to change the way we think about our industry in the future? I hope that economic actors and current generation could be togetherto support the change of our future energy sector.

“It’s always exciting to share about the ongoing energy transition “