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Indonesian MSMEs Going to International Markets

Pandu Sjahrir on #BanggaBuatanIndonesia

Pandu – The discussion about SMEs as one of the main drivers for Indonesia’s economy makes me optimistic that the #BanggaBuatanIndonesia movement can enter the international market, especially with the acceptance of SNI in the international market.

Technology adaptation for UMKM to transform also needs to be intensified to provide business efficiency and become alternative funding. These will also give more value, impact, and greater results for local SMEs.

To invest in local SMEs, it’s important for me to know their aspirations. Such as their passions and values, how persistent they are, and what they offer to the market. Based on that, they can look for market gaps in the midst of the dynamics of SMEs in the future. Then, me and my team will help to create a stronger company structure.

Through technology, I hope to open a wider opportunity for SME players to grow financially and enter international markets.

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“Then, me and my team will help to create a stronger company structure.”