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Keys to A Successful Business:

Pandu mengembangkan bisnis
Dare to be Creative and Adapt

Pandu – In developing a business, every business owner regardless of the scale must perform the following three things. First, business actors must have some partners to collect various insights and points of view of their business challenges and opportunities.

Second, business actors must have the courage to adapt and review their business scope more deeply, especially during a pandemic like we face today that changes the behavioral and activity patterns of all people. Third, business actors need to have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to select the best investors and how much funding is needed to make changes in their businesses.

I invite owners of the microsmall, medium, or even big enterprises in Indonesia to think that the COVID19 pandemic is a stepping stone that challenges the development of our business.

We must prove to ourselves that we are strong enough to endure difficult situations like this. Be creative and adaptive are the keys.