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The Importance of Gaining Knowledge of Investment with Your Spouse

Investasi dan Pasangan

Pandu – In recent times, I have seen many young couples hold virtual wedding ceremonies. I appreciate how they incorporate technology into the most special day to be able to share happiness with families and friends while adhering to existing health protocols during the pandemic.

Financial planning is one thing for newly married couples to talk about since the beginning of a marriage. You usually manage your own saving and money when you are not in a relationship, but a couple needs to bring together different thoughts, be open, and support each other.

My wife and I are still doing a game plan in an effort to achieve our financial goals until now. We consider how much of our income should be saved, invested, and kept for household expenses. This is not only important for our family, but for all families in Indonesia. We must be open up to our respective partners in formulating the financial plan of the family.

I want to share a little story that my family has been living in the same apartment for the last 7 years and I also just had my private car last year. To me, we must inflate our lifestyle to match our income.

Our lifestyle is the reflection of life principles we live by. One of the most essential principles to hold is that live your life to the fullest without trying too hard to please everyone.

“ Our lifestyle is the reflection of our life principles we live by”