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The Launching Krealogi by Du Anyam

The Launch of Krealogi by Du Anyam

Pandu – Since the beginning of their journey, I have seen how @duanyam brings a positive impact for local craftsmen and SMEs. Currently, with their new innovation through @krealogi I am pretty sure it’s a good thing that will help many SMEs in the creative sector to up scale their business value. As an early investor, I am proud of Du Anyam’s achievement.

Through technology, we can connect all those SMEs with an open market from Sabang to Merauke. And I guess in the next few years, Indonesia has the potential to become the largest export market in the handicraft sector, through collaborations between the government and the private sector.

Therefore, for MSME entrepreneurs, let’s continue to improve ourselves in increasing the added value of our products and never stop learning to adapt to digitalization.

Congratulations to Du Anyam for the launching of Krealogi.

“As an early investor, I am proud of Du Anyam’s achievement.”