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Great Investment Opportunity In The Field Of Biotechnology

Published: Juli 26, 2022

During a session at the East Ventures Summit 2022 a long time ago, I was very impressed with the presentation of the Minister of Health @budigsadikin who raised many topics regarding investment opportunities in the field of biotechnology (biotech).

The Minister of Health explained that the potential global market value for biotech in 2021 will reach $1.000,46 billion or Rp15.000 trillion. Meanwhile in Indonesia, until this year, $260.33 million of venture capital for digital health has been raised.

I agree that investment in health technology and biotech does not only provide prospects from a business perspective, but can also play a major role in strengthening the health resilience of the Indonesian people.

Therefore, all parties need to support the government’s steps in this biotech field. Not only investors, but all levels of society. Because with access to good health services, the quality of public health can be guaranteed from the time we are still in the womb until the end of life.