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The Earth’s Future through Renewable Energy and Technology

how to avoid a climate disaster

Pandu – Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

Climate change isn’t only a word or concept.  It is a real thing that is happening right now. I’m happy to share with you about a book that inspired me to have the same goal as the author.  A goal to create a synergy between Renewable energy and technology.

In his book  “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, Bill Gates who is well known as a businessman and tech investor has spent his time doing philanthropic journeys to developed countries since 2000. He saw so many issues such as health care, hunger, environment, natural disasters and limited access to electricity. Those issues affect the quality and sustainability of human life.

Climate change is one of the things that we have to fight to survive. It is a key to survival and will save human life. The end game to achieve is a net-zero carbon emission in 2050. We can achieve that by using renewable energy and technologies as our solution. Innovation, investment in ESD and collaboration between the government and private sector can also be used as a strength to save this planet. All of that can help us to attain economic revival, equitable electricity access to remote areas, clean air and a good environment for a better life.

Gates not only describes the detrimental effects of climate change in his book. He also makes a point that there are ways to stop this situation by transforming all aspects in our life.

I agree with his point of view. I also see that our environment is constantly changing and we have to change immediately. If we do not change today, the world will do that to us.

All in all, reading this book is a good reminder for us that we need to act now for a better future on this earth.

“If we do not change today, the world will do that to us.”