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Gary Vaynerchuk and The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Pandu Sjahrir & Dino Patti Djalal have a good discussion with Gary VayNerChuk

Pandu – It was an insightful and enlightening conversation last night. The spirit of entrepreneurship as well as the value he brings to his work and life is a great reminder to all of us especially in the midst of this pandemic. Learn to be kind, have a great sense of empathy, and always have a willingness to learn are great values that he shares.

Doing something persistently is not easy. Likewise, to branch out new things and to do something fresh is especially more jarring. When you have to do it, try to give a best shot that you can do.

Most important lesson is that everything in life is a process. It takes time, patience, gratitude and the right mindset.

Thank you @dinopattidjalal and for having me on the show. And good to be with you on last night @garyvee .

To all friends who haven’t watched the talk show, you can still watch the replay on Mola TV Living. Happy weekend. Happy weekend!

“When you have to do it, try to give a best shot that you can do.”