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Accelerating Indonesia’s Post Pandemic Digital Economy

Pandu Sjahrir bicara tentang peningkatan ekonomi digital

Pandu – Regardless of the losses experienced by various sectors, we must be able to take valuable lessons from the occurrence of this pandemic. In fact, Indonesians are motivated to adapt to digital transformation amid difficult situations, for example, online transaction processing.

To develop the digital economy in Indonesia, 3 things need to be improved, namely trust, technological literacy, and internet access.

There is an increase in trust in the buyer-seller relationship in having digital transactions and cashless digital services, and in local product purchases. Consumers are currently more concerned about goods delivery than prices. This issue should get more attention because it affects the level of customer trust in the marketplace.

Business actors from the suburbs also need to increase their technological literacy. They basically have the potential to speed up regional economic growth by utilizing technology for sales expansion.

The last one is internet access. I believe there are a lot of potential businesses and high-end products from remote parts of Indonesia. It becomes the government and telecommunications service providers’ obligation to provide affordable internet access in such areas.