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Be the Businessman Who Is Willing to Listen

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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

Pandu – As an investor, I have met countless startup founders with extraordinary talents. Throughout my career, I have also not only seen successful business founders, but also entrepreneurs who failed.

A crucial point that we can learn from successful startup founders who survive the impact of the pandemic crisis is that we must willingly continue to learn.

The willingness to learn can overcome all shortcomings and limitations. We must also humbly listen to suggestions from experts, investors, stakeholders, and even competitors so that we are more open-minded and realistic about the current situation. Thus, the startup business that we have built can survive in all situations and conditions.

We may learn from Steve Jobs’ inspirational slogan, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”, that we should not be complacent about current achievements and think that other people’s suggestions are unimportant. That kind of thinking hinders the learning process. Without even realizing it, our reluctance to ask is a ticking time bomb that can destroy at any time the business we are building.