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A Big Opportunity

Pandu_net_jendela ramadhan

Pandu – A few days ago I had the opportunity to share my points of view regarding the impacts of the pandemic on business with Deddy Cobuzier in a talk show on one of the national TV stations. The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit Indonesia in recent months has completely changed the way we do activities. Everything, from meeting to shopping, has to move entirely online ever since the physical distancing protocol was implemented. We do any activities from home with gadgets. I envisage that this new trend will prevail over the next few months or even years as the world recovers from COVID-19.

This is great momentum for Indonesian MSME players who have been the pillars of the Indonesian economy. As a startup investor, I also appreciate the #BanggaBuatanIndonesia movement initiated by the Indonesian government that encourages MSMEs to utilize e-commerce platforms due to the market suffering during the pandemic. The government also urges e-commerce players to hold programs that help MSMEs in Indonesia, such as eliminating platform fees and providing venture capital, license, and entrepreneurial knowledge. Now that 70 percent of Indonesia’s economy is supported by domestic consumption, the economic condition is expected to be stronger and adaptive to rapid digital advancement. Hence, even though our MSMEs have to suffer many hardships during this time, they will grow rapidly when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

I presume that Indonesia will be one of the countries that have managed to survive hard times in a pandemic experienced by almost all the countries in the world.

It is not only because we have a large youth demographic, but also we keep an observant eye on opportunities and are adaptive to digital developments. I believe Indonesia is going to revive and make beautiful history about its fast-growing and prosperous MSMEs players.