Pandu Patria Sjahrir

Investing is to
“add value”.

Not only to buy consumptive goods.

My Investing Strategy

“The biggest investment I have ever made in life is education”

Business Is A Relationship

Business is about building a good relationship. Along the lines of a romance, it requires mutual trust and support towards one another. Both can happen if we are good listeners. The “trust” and “support system” are formed that way.

Education Is the Greatest and Leading Investment

Working as a startup investor for seven years makes me realize that the biggest investment I have ever made in life is education. It broadens our horizons including how to find opportunities in problems.

Business Valuation that Contributes to Society

Indonesia, in the midst of the evolving Industry 4.0 era, is home to a growing digital economy. Newly established businesses/startups today must have added value by which companies make the transition from valuation-oriented to socially-oriented businesses that contribute to society.


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