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Indonesia’s current demographic bonus has resulted in countless innovations and has been a valuable contribution to the country. As an investor and entrepreneur dealing with startup businesses across Indonesia and Southeast Asia, I have an enormous fascination with the interest and enthusiasm of Indonesian young people toward innovations, especially in the era of the digital economy which is currently becoming a trend. It is irrefutable that the development of the digital economy in Indonesia today cannot be segregated from the young generation’s big roles. One of the innovations they have created is the emergence of abundant startups that raise social awareness in the form of community development within society.

Apart from the rapid growth of startups and e-commerce, I am forecasting a great opportunity from the world of MSMEs which have been the biggest pillars of the country’s economy. Amid this pandemic, we are fortunate as the national economic situation is still considered well-maintained due to the contribution of 70% domestic consumption from MSME activities. However, I cannot take for granted the fact that business owners, especially MSMEs, frequently struggle to access both capital and product marketing. Those issues make many MSME owners have to give up on their venture in the middle of the entrepreneurial journey. On the other hand, regarding Indonesia’s economic growth, MSMEs play a significant role to cover a wide range of business activities in both traditional and modern sectors and are able to absorb a large number of workers.

The aforementioned facts that I encountered in the field become my personal challenge as an investor to create businesses that are not only profit-oriented but also socially impactful for the Indonesian people as a whole. Therefore, I dedicate my life to helping MSMEs and startups by initiating easy access to capital, training, and even marketing that are oriented to the digital business market. I am hopeful that we can help each other and improve the welfare of the Indonesian people along with the entry of MSME players into the digital economy sector that will result in a more prosperous, independent, and competitive economy of Indonesia.

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